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Pidgeon Just Wants To Be Loved

Is That So Wrong?

Pidgeon Fans
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Welcome to the Pidgeon Livejournal Community: by the people for the people! Join pidgeonsf and feel free to post anything Pidgeon-related. (That doesn't mean we can't talk about other things though.) :)

    The rules are few and simple:
  1. Please be nice to everyone and

  2. Have fun

Artwork Credit
Credit for the artwork shown in the icon goes to Anya (you can see it in its full glory at the Pidgeon Website). I edited it a little to make it fit within the prescribed 100 x 100 pixel box and changed the colors. Background image is from Pidgeon's "From Gutter w/Love" CD cover but with the background and text colors swapped to match with the black background. I will take the images down if posting them is a problem.

Add Your Own Art
If you have photos of the band (or maybe fan-art ^_^, icons, etc), post them! :D No off-site linking (a.k.a. hot linking) though because it is considered stealing. Please be sure to place them behind an lj-cut if the images are large: use your judgement here (but in general, 400x400 pixels should probably be the limit). We don't all have fast connections: please be courteous!

Let me know if there's something that you think should be added to the interests section (and/or any other suggestions you may have).

This community is owned/moderated/maintained by read_or_die (that's me!). Any questions can be directed to me at pidgeonlj AT yahoo DOT com. Just leave a message with any concern(s) you may have and I'll get back to you. :)